These listings are subject to updates as schedules are confirmed.

Patricia Bradley — Brainstorming Your Character's Journey  | Friday only. Click here for more information.


This award-winning author is offering an intensive workshop for fiction writers. In this Friday workshop, Pat will explore how the lie a protagonist believes and the wound it creates makes that character who he or she is when they walk on the page. The session will flesh out three different characters: a hero, a heroine, and an antagonist. We will explore how the lie each character believes and the wound it creates makes that character who he or she is when they walk on the page. Participants will walk away with a better idea of how to create characters readers can relate to.

Gregg Bridgeman and J. P. Robinson — Toss Out Male Tropes | Friday only. Click here for more information.


Discover how to effectively capture the male mentality and create true-to-life males in this workshop led by Gregg Bridgeman and J.P. Robinson. Tropes abound in all genres when it comes to writing male characters, including appearance, dialogue, emotions and physicality. Learn how to avoid common sterotypes, including racial tropes, from men who can help you identify and eliminate them to create more realistic, believable male characters.


April Carpenter— Self-Care and Fitness Tips for Writers


As writers, we tend to be so focused on our work we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves. Keeping our bodies healthy can make us stronger, reduce stress, and increase our energy and resistance to disease, which is particularly important now due to the current pandemic. The Self-Care and Fitness Tips for Writers workshop will help sharpen your most important writing tool – YOU. Learn tips and tricks on self-care, meditation, and exercise. Your overall health depends on it, and your writing may also thank you. This workshop will be interactive so grab a stability ball, hand weights, tennis ball, chair, and yoga mat if you have them.


Tamara Clymer — Clean the Clutter


Once you have written the first draft of your book, it’s time to go back through it and look for anything that disrupts the flow. Tamara will walk you through the editing steps and show you what to look for so that your writing will be tight and your message unmistakable to editors and readers.

Kathy Cretsinger — Understanding the Different Ways to Publish Your Book

We have several options to publish our books today. What is the difference between self-publishing your manuscript and publishing with a traditional publisher?

Susan Page Davis — Crafting Great Scenes

We will learn the elements every fiction scene must-have, the difference between conflict and suspense, and how to craft both active and reactive scenes so that the reader is left wanting to read more.

Rhonda Dragomir — Winning Websites for Writers | Friday only. Click here for more information.

Your website is more than a marketing tool. It is "home base" for your online presence. Some writers spend thousands of dollars on website design, but it's not too difficult a task to accomplish on your own with a little direction and knowledge of tools at your fingertips. Rhonda (the Mid-South webmaster) will teach a 3-hour workshop on Friday with all the nuts and bolts you need to create an attractive, functional author's website. She will help you select a web hosting company, learn elements of good design, create and post fully-licensed graphics, and write engaging content that will attract agents and editors with your unique story.

Rhonda Dragomir — Contest Savvy: Enter and Win!

Writing contests are one of the avenues to get on the fast track to publication. Rhonda will share insider tips with you to make your entries more competitive, increasing both your odds of winning and your opportunity to sharpen writing skills in the process. Rhonda was named Writer of the Year in 2019 by Serious Writer, Inc., and her entry in the 2020 Genesis Contest of ACFW earned her a spot as a finalist.

Rachel Hauck — Dialogue: The Fuel of Every Story Engine

Dialogue conveys the emotion and tension of every story. In this class we'll talk about how to "tell the story between the quotes," and add the desired tension and heart to your story.

Bethany Jett — One-Sheet Wonders: Hit a Home Run!

Writing and marketing professional Bethany Jett shares tips on content and formatting that will help you create a one-sheet that will become one of your best marketing tools. Honing this essential skill for writers will increase your potential for attracting agents and editors.

Harriet Michael — Freelancing 101

Learn the basics of freelance writing in this workshop that covers writers' rights, query letters, contracts, writing magazine articles, short stories, and other short pieces, as well as selling reprints. The instructor will also share insights on specific places that are looking for freelance pieces, what rights they buy, what they pay, and how to submit to them.

Harriet Michael — Writing Powerful Devotionals | Friday only. Click here for more information.

Multi-published devotional author Harriet E. Michael will lead this three-hour class, in which attendees will learn the nuts and bolts of devotional writing. They will learn how to write devotionals that resonate with readers. Different types of devotionals will be discussed, as well as some basics of writing and selling devotionals such as terms, writer's rights, the current devotional market, and writing for books versus magazines. Attendees will learn both how to write a powerful devotional and how to get their devotionals in front of readers.

Alice Faye Duncan — Write and Sell Books for Kids

Learn the process and steps needed to write picture books for children. Large publishers are adding Christian imprints to their lists, and they need writers to create books! Receive the good news: Publishers are looking for your wonderful words and NO agent is needed.

Dell Self — Book Interior Essentials for Nonfiction Self-publishers

In this workshop, Dell focuses on the proper placement and structure of book parts as well as avoiding book interior mistakes that make a book look amateurish. Homemade is great when the topic is dessert—not so much for books. For better or for worse, your book impacts your credibility.

Delores Topliff  — The Three C's of Poetry

The 3 Cs = Poetry Captures Pictures, Creates a Mood, Conveys a Feeling.  Anyone can be released to write poetry. This session offers inspiration to jump-start or increase your poetry writing in rhymed, unrhymed, and in any poetry genre.

Shannon Vannatter — Avoiding Redlines and Rejections

This class compiles a list of top twelve mistakes revealed by published authors and editors. For each mistake, there is an easy fix. The result: clean copy that will grab the editor and make it hard for them not to offer you a contract again and again.