Submit a One-Sheet to Agents and Editors

Mid-South Christian Writers Conference is pleased to announce a new feature for this year's online conference. Registrants will be permitted to submit a One-Sheet to agents and editors for review. AFTER the conference, a form will be accessible on the dedicated conference site (URL provided when the site goes live a week before the conference). Registrants will fill out the form, upload and attach the One-Sheet, and indicate a preference for the person to receive it.

Please note:

  1. The submissions form will not go live until AFTER the closing session of the conference.
  2. Each registrant will be permitted to submit ONE One-Sheet and indicate a selection for which agent/editor is preferred.
  3. A Mid-South committee will receive and review each submission. If needed, they will correspond by email with the registrant to answer questions before forwarding it. When the submission is sent to the agent/editor, the registrant will be notified by email of the date of submission and the person to whom it was submitted. Registrants will not be given direct access to the e-mail address of the agent/editor.
  4. There is no guarantee that the preferred person will receive the submission. Agents/editors have indicated how many One-Sheets they will review. Submissions will be sent by priority in the order in which they were received based upon the time stamp of the e-mail. When a particular person has reached his or her limit, the submission will be sent to a different person according to the best options available to the committee.
  5. Agents/editors will review One-Sheets, and if interested, send an e-mail to the person who submitted it. For this reason, make sure your One-Sheet contains your e-mail address.  Agents/editors are NOT required to e-mail each person who submitted a One-Sheet. They will correspond only with those persons from whom they would like more information about the manuscript. If you have not received an e-mail within two months after submission, it is fair to say your submission did not fit the needs/wants of that person or publishing house. REMEMBER: Agents and editors receive many hundreds of submissions each year, and even an outstanding submission may not fit their needs.
  6. It will not be possible for registrants to correspond with agents/editors or follow up unless they are contacted. The MSCWC committee cannot facilitate additional correspondence. The volume of submissions anticipated will not allow them to serve as a go-between.


Create an Outstanding One-Sheet




If you've never created a One-Sheet, you should plan to attend the workshop presented by Bethany Jett on Saturday during Workshop Session 2 at 12:30 p.m. Bethany is a marketing expert, and her tips will help you create a One-Sheet that will catch the eye of industry professionals.

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