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Bookstore Opens


Welcome- Fellowship Hall

Keynote Session 1 - Brandilyn Collins

A Burning Brand Part 1: Lighting the World Starts with You!


Workshop Session 1




Lunch (Fireside Room)/Bookstore/Networking

Workshop Session 2







Workshop Session 3





Keynote Session 2 - Brandilyn Collins

A Burning Brand Part 2: Lord, You Want Me to WHAT?

Panel Discussions - Fellowship Hall

Evaluations & Closing





A)   Jon Woodhams - Writing for Continuity Fiction Series

B)   Johnnie Alexander & Patricia Bradley - Popular Clichés to Avoid in Your Fiction

C)   Carolyn Tomlin - The Four Articles Editors Love and How to Write Them!

A)  Bethany Jett - Zero to Book Deal in Three Months

B)  Alice Faye Duncan - The Future Has a Past: Writing Non-Fiction and Historical

      Fiction for Today's Generation

C)  Gary Fearon - Songwriting Shortcuts for the Writer

A)  Brandilyn Collins - The Four Ds: Desire, Distancing, Denial, and Devastation

B)  Tracy Crump - Stirring the Pot: Writing for Chicken Soup for the Soul

C)  Hallee Bridgeman - Creative Marketing Plan

2018 Schedule