Note: this is the 2017 schedule. Please visit again soon for an updated version.

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Bookstore Opens


Welcome- Fellowship Hall

Keynote Session Part 1 - James Watkins


Workshop Session 1




Lunch (Fellowship Room) / Bookstore/Networking

Workshop Session 2







Workshop Session 3





Keynote Session Part 2 - James Watkins

Panel Discussions - Fellowship Hall

Evaluations & Closing





A)   John Burgette- Organizing Research Notes: Keep It Simple

B)   Ramona Richards – Shoot the Deputy: How Secondary Characters Can Make or Break a Novel

C)   Nancy Kay Grace- Toes in the Water: Getting Your Feet Wet in Blogging

A)  Deborah Malone – Mystery Writing 101

B)  Andrew Breeden - Writing Devotionals for The Upper Room Magazine

C)  Hallee Bridgeman – Seven Steps to Successful Self-Publishing

A)  Johnnie Alexander & Patricia Bradley – Telling the Story: I Wrote It My Way

B)  Jim Watkins- Writing with Banana Peels

C)  Sandra Robbins – How to Combine Riveting Suspense with Heartwarming Romance

2017 Schedule