Registrants will be given access to events using Zoom.

More Detailed Information

  • A separate website will be developed for use by 2021 registrants to access all MSCWC online events. The log-in information will be sent to you by the registrar a few days before the conference so you can plan your schedule. Access to all sessions (Keynote and Workshops) is provided to attendees through Zoom links embedded on that website. Each day of the conference will have its own menu tab, and sessions are listed by the time provided on the schedule. An up-to-date schedule will be uploaded to the site before the conference.
  • There is no need to pre-register for workshops. Be sure, however, to study the workshop pages to make a selection that will most benefit you. There is no limit to the number of attendees in any particular workshop. You do not need to be concerned that space will not be available if you want to attend.
  • Each session is scheduled for CENTRAL STANDARD TIME. If you are in a different time zone, you will need to adjust your schedule accordingly.
  • Attendees are responsible to create/enable their own privacy settings. Workshops will be recorded. Please note: Zoom  provides methods of ensuring your privacy online. You can customize your name and provide a profile picture. If you join using your phone and do NOT customize those features, the default setting is for your attendance to be shown displaying your phone number. All attendees are responsible for their privacy online by using and customizing Zoom’s features to do so. MSCWC accepts no liability for attendees whose private information appears online because that person did not enable privacy features. Be aware that whatever photo or identifying information appears on your screen will be able to be viewed by others and may appear on the recording.
  • Attendees will be asked to mute their audio during workshops to minimize background noise during the presentation, which can be quite distracting for everyone. You are encouraged to enter questions using the chat feature of Zoom. The chat will be monitored by a moderator who will pose the question to the presenter. Because of the large number of attendees, we may not get to every question, but we will try!




Access to the Online Conference

Learn to ZOOM!

We strongly advise registrants new to Zoom to watch a few tutorials to learn the program before the conference. There will be so much information, you won’t want to be frustrated on the technology side. Here are a few links to help you:


ZOOM Video Tutorial


Zoom's Video Tutorials


Cozy Grammar's Video Tutorial

How does a remote conference work?

  • A few days before the conference you will receive a Zoom link that will give you access to the conference.
  • Those who register for Saturday may enter any of the Zoom rooms that day. You are free to come and go from sessions.
  • Friday Workshops work in the same manner. If you register to attend the Friday workshops, you do not have to specify which workshop you'll attend.
  • Are you afraid you'll miss something? Don't worry. After the conference you'll have a chance to view all the sessions online as many times as you want for six months.